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Synonym Releases New State of Fermentation Capacity Report

New report offers first-of-its-kind views and analysis on fermentation COGS, economies of scale, capacity demands, bioreactor sizing and more.

Last year, we launched Capacitor and published our initial ‘State of Global Fermentation Capacity’ report. A few months ago, we added to our industry-leading digital product suite and launched Scaler, a techno-economic analysis engine that allows users to rapidly understand bioproduct unit economics, commercial readiness, and the key parameters driving profitability.

A lot has happened in the biomanufacturing world since we released our first report and we’re thrilled that our 2023 edition of, “State of Global Fermentation” report is now available to download for free at

Inside the report, you’ll find a first-of-its kind report on fermentation landscape full of key techno-economic trends, including:

  • Capacity trends
  • Profitability drivers
  • COGS by product
  • Economies of scale
  • Bioreactor sizing
  • And much more!

We encourage you to download the State of Global Fermentation Capacity report at and share the report with anyone in your network who may be interested!

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About Synonym Bio

Synonym builds essential infrastructure for the biomanufacturing revolution: a worldwide network of facilities, where Synonym partners create biomanufactured products, at commercial scale, using standardized processes. Synonym believes biomanufacturing facilities will become an important sustainable asset class driving 21st century industrial growth.