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We enable biomanufacturing at scale

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Synonym is a financing and development platform for essential biomanufacturing infrastructure.

With our team of cross‑functional experts, we are partnering with synthetic biology companies and capital providers to enable fermentation at scale.

We’re building production capacity for synthetic biology companies and creating a new asset class for investors

Learn how Synonym can accelerate your business goals.

Flexible Capacity for Microbial Fermentation
  • Financing

    We build new biomanufacturing facilities, offering synbio companies access to dedicated, scalable capacity for minimal upfront capital investment.

  • Development

    We accelerate project timelines and minimize internal complexity by handling facility development activities, from site selection through commissioning.

Next-Generation Infrastructure Investors
  • Deal Flow

    We provide investors with curated access to biomanufacturing infrastructure investments, an emerging asset class.

  • Asset Management

    We manage these investments on behalf of investors, with an emphasis on risk management and maximizing returns.

Our global economy is undergoing a major shift across industries

Аnd our global infrastructure footprint needs to undergo a radical transformation to support a more sustainable future. Biomanufacturing offers a platform for creation and will address several global challenges.

  • Economic

    Ability to meet the growing population’s increased demand for all of our consumables such as food, materials and energy

  • Environmental

    The promise of carbon neutrality and less environmentally destructive manufacturing processes

  • Ethical

    Manufacturing processes that are kinder to animals and natural resources

  • Health

    Decreased exposure to harmful compounds for workers and consumers alike

  • Food security

    Increased access to more reliable and diverse protein sources

The last hundred years of industry were driven by chemistry. The next hundred will be driven by biology.

We are building the infrastructure catalyzing this transformation.

Let’s work together

If you’re a synbio company that needs microbial fermentation capacity, a capital provider looking to invest in biomanufacturing infrastructure or a partner that may already have capacity or can help Synonym build, we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.