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Synonym's Favorite Biomanufacturing Content from 2023

We asked our team for top titles and here’s what we read and listened to in 2023.

As 2023 draws to a close, the Synonym team is taking a moment to look back on the remarkable strides made in the global bioeconomy throughout the year. As part of this reflection, we asked our team for the biomanufacturing content that captivated them the most in 2023. The result is a curated compilation of our team's favorite titles that spanned articles, reports, and podcasts, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the dynamic landscape of biomanufacturing.

Do you agree with our choices, or did we miss a noteworthy piece? Feel free to drop us a note at and let us know about your favorite biomanufacturing content from 2023!


Bold Goals for U.S. Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing compiled by The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)

Why we love it: An outline of the vision for the U.S. bioeconomy, which will require concerted action from industry, academia, nonprofits, the Federal Government, and other organizations. These bold goals set ambitious national targets for the next two decades to help establish R&D priorities that will be critical to advance the bioeconomy.

State of Global Fermentation Report November 2023 by Synonym

Why we love it: Over 2023, we have watched the bioeconomy mature and face new challenges — understanding the economics and logistics of production is more important than ever. This refreshed State of Global Fermentation Report is a comprehensive look at the fermentation industry and offers first-of-its-kind analyses including trends on capacity, profitability drivers, COGS, economics of scale, bioreactor sizing and more! It is essential reading for anyone who plays a pivotal role in the transition to a more sustainable food system and the broader manufacturing economy.


Industrial Biotechnology Commercialization Handbook by Mark Warner, PE

Why we love it: Navigate the complex world of biotechnology commercialization. Warner, drawing from a wealth of industry experience, offers practical insights into the critical aspects of cost assessment, timeline evaluation, and technology readiness. This handbook serves as an indispensable resource, providing founders, investors, and industry professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the commercialization process while offering expert advice to steer clear of common pitfalls on the journey to success.


Grow Everything Biotech Podcast by Messaginglab

Why we love it: This podcast takes the abstract concept of the bioeconomy and turns it into a captivating narrative. Hosts Karl Schmieder and Erum Azeez Khan interview a diverse set of biotech stakeholders who are pioneering the biorevolution and in these conversations, unveil the profound impact that biotech will have on our health, climate challenges, and even the way we produce meat.


Foundry Theory - Making Biology Easier to Understand by Gingko Bioworks

Why we love it: Dive into the transformative realm of synthetic biology, unraveling the exponential progress in engineering biology and the convergence of technologies like CRISPR, automation, and machine learning with Ginkgo's developer evangelist, Jake Wintermute. The Substack provides a unique glimpse into Ginkgo Bioworks' unparalleled foundry, a half-billion-dollar infrastructure fostering collaboration and innovation, offering insights that empower technology developers across diverse fields, from medicine to sustainability, to harness the full potential of this cutting-edge biological technology.

Century of Biology: Data, Companies, Ideas from the Frontier of Biology by Elliot Hershberg

Why we love it: Great content about how the biotechnological revolution will drive pursuit of a beautiful and abundant future, making our bodies, our societies, and our planet healthier. This Substack focuses on Data/Research, Companies/Strategy/Analysis and Philosophical pieces in Hershberg’s attempt to distill learnings from the frontier of biology into coherent and useful essays.

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